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29 Sep

Customer-Centric Food Court Management: FAQs Resolved

[responsivevoice_button] The food and beverage industry is characteristically quite competitive and cutthroat, with only the most well-run establishments surviving. One of the golden rules to making it in this industry is how well you respond to your audience. Growing and maintaining a successful food court thus requires a very customer-centric approach. The restaurant needs to prioritize customer satisfaction and operational efficiency over all other factors. Nevertheless, food court managers and owners frequently face various challenges when it comes to achieving this. This blog will help address some of the most frequently asked...

F&B Inventory & Recipe management
14 Sep

Enhancing Food Court Profitability with Deliko’s F&B Inventory & Recipe Management

[responsivevoice_button] Today, in the competitive landscape of the restaurant and hospitality business, food court owners face countless challenges, specifically when it pertains to managing their inventory and recipes. These challenges could significantly hamper a restaurant’s sales and negatively affect its profitability margins if not addressed cleverly.For starters, inventory could be overstocked, resulting in ingredients spoiling or expiring. Conversely, inventory may not cater to demand, leading to missed sales opportunities and disappointed consumers. Furthermore, inaccurate recipe management could also result in inconsistent meal quality and higher food costs. These challenges can lead...

1 Jul

Kitchen Inventory Management: A Recipe for Success in the F&B Industry

[responsivevoice_button] Efficient kitchen operations is the key ingredient in the recipe for a premium dining experience. One of the often-overlooked ingredients in this recipe for success is effective kitchen inventory management. From bustling food courts to upscale restaurants, ensuring a seamless F&B operation requires a streamlined approach to inventory tracking, waste reduction, and ingredient ordering. This is where Deliko’s integrated solution steps in, revolutionizing kitchen inventory management to optimize workflows and enhance overall efficiency. In this article, we’ll explore how Deliko’s integrated kitchen inventory management can set your food court for success. Challenges Faced by...

23 Feb

Feeding the Future: The Next Generation of Food Court Management System

[responsivevoice_button ] Over the past few decades, the hospitality industry has seen rapid technological development. The rise of immersive technologies and changing consumer behavior have compelled food courts and cafeterias to adopt innovative solutions to improve their operations. The modern food court management system has taken advantage of these developments and implemented them in the form of artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), automation, and augmented reality (AR). This blog explores how immersive technologies are redefining the future of the food court management system. Current Trends in the Food Court Management System Almost a decade...