Maximize Productivity With Task Management

Optimize your restaurant operations with a task management system and get rid of all the unnecessary paperwork. Along with the asset management feature, make your manager's life simpler with:

  • Easy overseeing of flexible checklists.
  • Easy updating of daily tasks.
  • Easy access to equipment data, food inventory, and every relevant document.

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Benefits of Checklist, Task, and Asset Management


Customizable Checklists

Add, remove or modify employee checklists swiftly through the day and foster a responsible work environment. With Deliko’s extensive checklists for your staff, lead your restaurant to smoother daily operations.


Digital Task Lists

Stay on top of your employees’ daily task lists with Deliko’s task management software for restaurants. Create personalized task lists for each employee and get complete oversight over operations at your fingertips.


Easy Asset Management

Manage your equipment with precision using Deliko’s asset management solution. Avoid scouring through old paperwork to find contacts for maintenance, get you all the information you need at a glance.


Frequently Asked Questions

Every day there is a set list of tasks for employees to carry out, such as table-setting, cleaning, laundry, meal preps, and more. And often there are additions or changes as the day goes on. Our software simplifies adding, removing, and modifying tasks, and oversees their status with a glance, greatly improving operations and saving valuable time for the manager.

Assets in a restaurant refer to everything that the restaurant owns. Kitchen equipment, tools, dining tables, chairs, food inventory, etc. as well as their paperwork and documents all fall under the asset umbrella.

Asset management in a restaurant refers to the tracking, locating, and documenting, including the maintenance of all items that a restaurant owns, to keep up smooth operations of a restaurant.


Add learning about optimizing checklists and managing your assets, to the checklist. Reach out now!

Learn about optimizing checklists and managing your assets.