Deliko’s Centralized Purchase, Inventory, and Stores – All You Need to Know

Keeping precise track of all the ingredients at your restaurant can be tedious, especially after a busy week. Add to that refilling the right amount of stocks, so they don’t get spoiled before you’re able to use them. Stressful indeed!
Not to worry! With Deliko’s restaurant inventory management system:

  • Keep meticulous track of all ingredients
  • Get real-time updates as per sales records
  • Preset reorder levels so you never forget to restock
That’s not it! The centralized purchase feature means you can reorder the precise amount required with just a few simple clicks.

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Benefits of Centralized Purchase, Inventory, and Stores


Purchase With a Click

The world at your fingertips! No more physically visiting a shopping center to get a truck full of supplies. With Deliko’s centralized purchase feature, bring the shopping center to you, with suggested orders, secure transactions, and high reliability, all with a few clicks!


Set Reorder Levels

Your ingredients are like gold dust without which your restaurant will suffer. Deliko is here to make sure your inventory is refilled on time and you never run out! With inventory management, preset reorder levels for each item and get alerted when it reaches that level.


Track Inventory in Real-Time

Put your calculators away! No more sweating wondering if your raw material management is up to the mark. Deliko’s inventory management calculates exactly how much storage you have, and projects the end date according to sales data, so you have time to refill the stock.


Evaluate Shelf Life and Storage

Your storage room is as valuable to you as a bank safe. The ingredients in there need to be preserved well and that’s where Deliko comes in! Our inventory management has records of each items’ expiry dates and sends you an alert before they get spoiled, so your guest’s day isn’t.


Frequently Asked Questions

Centralized purchase and inventory refers to a single point-of-contact where all the data and controls related to purchasing new stock and existing inventory are stored and displayed.

A restaurant owner always needs to be in the know when it comes to the status of their inventory. With a centralized inventory, they can be on top of operations with live tracking and ensure that there are always enough ingredients for the guests to enjoy their favourite dishes.


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