Deliko's Centralized POS – Control Everything, At Once

Deliko’s central restaurant point-of-sale comes equipped with extensive features and systems that help you govern the functioning of your restaurant or food court, all from one place. Take control of operations such as:

  • Kitchen operations
  • Customer-facing roles
  • Online orders
  • Inventory management
  • Customer relationship management
and more with ease!

Want to ensure your restaurant operations run in a smooth and efficient way? Deliko POS is here to make your life easier.

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Features of a Centralized Management


Kitchen Operations

With Deliko, ensure smooth sailing by streamlining your entire kitchen operations from tracking orders to managing inventory, so your guests can relish your delicious food!


Front-end Operations

Deliko centralizes customer-facing features like efficient table management and easy order placement, setting the tone for a memorable experience for your guests.


Online Orders and Delivery

Deliko's centralized POS interacts directly with the kitchen and connects with third-party delivery apps to save precious time, so your customers don't have to wait too long.


Inventory Management

Deliko’s centralized inventory management brings you the real-time inventory status combined with sales data and projects how soon you are likely to run out so you can stock up.


Customer Relationship Management

Deliko’s CRM tools are second to none when it comes to marketing, client interactions, and sales support, all possible with an integrated and centralized system.


Multi-Unit Chain Management

Deliko’s centralized POS manages daily operations like standard recipes, menus, inventory, etc. for multiple units of the restaurant chain, all at once, making life much easier.


Extensive Performance Reports

Deliko’s smart restaurant POS software brings you comprehensive reports on table efficiency, kitchen productivity, sales data, overall performance indicators, and a lot more, all in one place!


Frequently Asked Questions

A restaurant manager has his hands full throughout the day. There are plenty of situations that need resolving and important decisions to be made. Centralized operations make it easier to oversee and control the functioning of a restaurant in a much smoother and efficient manner.

A POS system has many features dedicated to various operations of a restaurant such as inventory management, table management, kitchen operations, reservations, online payment solutions, multi-unit chain management, and a whole lot more. All these systems are accessible from anywhere, making it easier to oversee operations at once.


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