Deliko's Cashless Prepaid Card – The Way Forward!

Deliko’s cashless prepaid cards allow your guests to move through the food court trying lip-smacking dishes without any troubles.

With Deliko’s cashless card, get:

  • Reliable, Secure, and swift transactions
  • Easy recharging
  • Loyalty point allocations
and a lot more to make sure your guests have a memorable experience.

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Features of Deliko’s Cashless Prepaid Cards


Increased Reliability

Banish the stigma of unreliability around cashless transactions with Deliko’s cashless cards, its secure end-to-end encryption and additional redundancies.


Centralized Operations

A central point with features for card allotment, recharge, and, refund, means customers have autonomous control over transactions across the food court.


Enhanced Safety

Deliko’s cashless cards provide centralized control over transactions across the food court, eliminating the risk of cash fraud, loss, or theft with extra layers of security.


Increased Customer Engagement

With a centralized database, map prepaid card transactions across your food court and offer redeemable points to loyal customers to spend on their favourite food and drinks.


Frequently Asked Questions

Restaurants and food courts are going cashless, mainly because of operational ease, improved customer experience, and reduced internal thefts! Moreover, customers are now more inclined towards cashless transactions because of their easy, quick, and secure nature. As an added bonus, going cashless works in line with social distancing and hygienic transactions, ensuring the safety of both staff and customers.

While cashless transactions are not entirely feasible yet, more online transactions mean reduced operations costs, time saved handling cash, convenience for customers, as well as the elimination of cash frauds and thefts.


Make your food court the ultimate customer choice with a prepaid card!

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