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Restaurant chains and franchises are often built on two elements– Quality and Consistency. It’s one thing to make delicious food, but making sure it’s ALWAYS that good, especially when you have multiple outlet restaurants, is the real challenge.
Not to worry! Deliko is here to make life simpler with our multi-restaurant chain management. Give all your guests the best you have to offer at every single outlet! With Deliko:

  • Regulate your secret special recipes
  • Modify menu items or prices
  • Take control of each outlet’s inventory
  • and a whole lot more!

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Features of Standardized Multi-Unit Chain Restaurant


Standardized Recipes

Chain restaurants demand consistent taste and quality. The standard recipes, formulas, measures of ingredients, etc. need to be communicated to each outlet. With Deliko, standardize recipes everywhere and make sure your customers enjoy the same experience every time.


Universal Menu Management

Your new specialty item deserves to reach all your customers at the same time. It’s less than ideal for you to have to visit each outlet to enforce changes in the menu. With Deliko’s centralized menu management software, make changes on the fly and update the menus at each outlet, at the same time!


Multi-store Inventory Management

It is tedious enough to manage one restaurant’s inventory. A daunting task altogether, for a chain. With Deliko POS, track each outlet with inventory control for multi-unit chains with live tracking and preset alert levels, and make sure your customers always get to enjoy their favourite foods.


Central Kitchen Management

Multi-unit chain restaurants often have a central kitchen where the food is semi-prepared for consistency. Deliko’s POS comes equipped with central kitchen management software to oversee the smooth running of operations and equal distribution of food to all outlets.


Frequently Asked Questions

A multi-unit restaurant chain refers to a group of restaurant outlets with the same name, theme, and owned by the same entity. They are essentially the same brands with restaurants in different locations.

A multi-unit restaurant chain faces a number of challenges when it comes to daily operations. For example, inventory management for each outlet, precise recipes, menu management, delivery of primary materials, and more.

There are a few steps that can be taken to improve operations for a restaurant chain. A well-rounded, smart POS system can systematically maintain precise recipes and exact menus across outlets, track inventory everywhere, manage a central kitchen, and more.


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