Pull Orders Into Your POS From Third Party Apps

Deliko is engineered to maximize usability by powerful integrations with third party delivery apps directly into your POS. The flexible API allows:

  • Easy setup and integration of third-party services
  • Direct connection with the kitchen
  • Elimination of lags
  • Ability to reach more customers
  • A rapid business expansion.

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Features of Third-Party Integrations


All Online Orders Straight To Your POS

Deliko automates the flow of third-party orders to your business systems. No more manual entry of orders, multiple tablets, and unnecessary delays getting in the way of your guests’ meal.


Easy Menu Modifications

Edit and update multiple menus with a single click. Deliko allows you to modify your restaurant’s menus for all services with ease and syncs all orders with your stock management.


Connect to the Kitchen

No more physically taking orders and relaying them to the kitchen. With a POS system integrated with online ordering, fire orders straight to the kitchen and avoid manual double-entry to maintain sales data.


Increase Efficiency and Grow Profits

Now you can aggregate orders across major third-party online ordering apps and streamline them into your POS, helping your restaurant increase efficiency and grow profits.


Frequently Asked Questions

Third-party integrations are any software or features that provide services to benefit your business by connecting with your in-house system. In the case of restaurants, third-party integrations are usually independent food delivery apps.

In current times, customers prefer having their food delivered to their doorstep more than stepping out. Integrating third-party delivery apps into your restaurant POS allows you to tap into that market and increase your sales.


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