Your Restaurant needs Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) integrations. Here’s why!

Deliko offers a unified platform integrating restaurant operations into one system including HR, CRM, ordering, supply chain, accounting and others.
Deliko’s Hybrid Cloud Architected restaurant ERP system is integrated with Swiggy, Zomato, Uber Eats and many more. It lets you manage your restaurant easily and allows you to control restaurant operations from one central point. This means,

  • Seamless Data Flow across Deliko Platform
  • Highly user friendly and minimizes efforts upto 50%.
  • All data including sales, inventory and payments gets pushed to ERP

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Key Features of ERP Integrations for POS


Online Order Integrations

No more manual order entries into your POS systems. With Deliko, orders can be directly synced to your POS.


Error-Free Orders

Simplify order acceptance with a single screen so that there is no necessity of multiple tablets and punch orders while customers wait.


Access Real-Time Data and Analytics

Deliko ensures that data can be accessed through automated reports while managing incoming orders seamlessly.


Central Menu Changes

Easily change menu items without doing it on aggregator platforms. Deliko can update menu items centrally and it changes automatically everywhere.


Efficient Pickups and Deliveries

With a simplified order system, Deliko ensures faster pickups and deliveries of all orders and gives your customers a better experience, overall.


Frequently Asked Questions

Deliko allows integrations with Swiggy, Zomato and UberEats.

Yes, Deliko allows you to make changes to your menu real-time and get automated periodic reports for a full picture of all your ordering channels.


Breeze through automated ERP Integrations with Deliko!

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