Ensure Customer Safety With Deliko’s Contactless Restaurants

The pandemic has changed the way the Food And Beverage Industry operates. People are (rightfully) skeptical about safety measures to curb the spread of coronavirus especially when it comes to dine-in at restaurants.

Restaurants need to adapt to survive. Deliko’s contactless dining ensures guest safety and provides dynamic features like:

  • Smart menus
  • Cashless payments
  • Hassle-free customer experience
  • Easy feedback
  • Reduced operating costs.


Features of Deliko’s Contactless POS System


Smart Menu

Streamline the order-taking process with Deliko’s smart menus. Swift, smooth and contact-free. Just what the doctor ordered!


Easy Payment Solutions

Make bill payments easy with Deliko’s contactless POS. Secure online transactions that eliminate lags and payment errors to make life easier.


Lower Operational Costs

Smart menus, online transactions, faster services. Boost overall efficiency with Deliko’s contactless ordering and decrease the cost of operations.


Easy Customer Feedback

Feedback is key in the service industry. Deliko’s online POS provides simple feedback mechanisms to round up a holistic contactless dining experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

Customers need assurance of safety from possibly contracting the coronavirus. Another reason contactless dining is on the rise is the convenience it provides for customers like easy ordering and easy payments.

First of all, in the post-pandemic era, following COVID-19 protocols has become imperative to surviving in the business. Next, contactless dining improves performance, retaining customers and making their lives easier with nifty solutions for placing orders and making payments. As a bonus, these features also help lower operational costs for your restaurant.


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