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Optimize kitchen workflows, food quality and speed of service without the hassle of paper tickets and bulky kitchen printers. Deliko’s kitchen display system can improve efficiency in the kitchen by:

  • Making color coded orders a priority.
  • Using predefined cook times to break down each order.
  • Sending customers orders directly to the kitchen through our integrated POS system.

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Cutting Edge Functionalities for the Best Kitchen Display System:


Direct Line Orders

Eliminate the stress caused by an intermediate order taker by removing unnecessary back and forth from the table to the kitchen.With Deliko’s Kitchen Display System solutions, kitchen staff get orders directly from the customers faster, so no errors occur.


Keep Staff On Track

Deliko’s KDS screens ensure that all staff can view tickets so the waitstaff and chefs are aware of what each should be doing. This eliminates any miscommunications between staff and other organizational difficulties thus accelerating order speed.


Customizable For Restaurants

Deliko’s Kitchen Display System can be fully customized to suit your restaurant’s needs. Adjust timers, notifications and who has access to orders to seamlessly integrate it with your restaurant.


Colour Codes For Wait Time

Make sure customers aren’t put on long wait times. With Deliko’s KDS, a timer is set for every order so the ticket header changes colour and alerts staff when an order has to be completed.


Frequently Asked Questions

A Kitchen DIsplay System is a digital order viewer that replaces paper tickets and kitchen printers to streamline the way food is routed and recipes are prepared in the kitchen.

A KDS is like a digital menu board for your kitchen staff. It displays new orders into logical queques so the staff never misses out on any dish. The screen prioritizes and highlights when orders need to be made so your customers are served hot and fresh food and takes the pressure off your front of house staff since orders are sent to the kitchen immediately. A KDS also routes orders from the online delivery system directly to the kitchen, so online and takeaway orders are fully integrated into your kitchen operation without added effort.


Deliko offers the best kitchen display system that adds efficiency, communication and convenience!

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