Get Powerful Insights on Individual Outlets

Restaurants often have dozens of branches and it would be easier if it was managed with a centralized restaurant information system for multiple outlets. Deliko’s individual outlet reporting software enables

  • Outlet wise statistics on sales and profitability
  • Most and least profitable items from individual outlets
  • Report on the effectiveness of pricing, offers, campaigns

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Benefits of individual outlet reporting


Monitor All Outlets From One Place

It can be difficult to monitor your chain of outlets which can affect proper strategy implementation. Deliko’s restaurant outlet software manages all activities from one place and you can check the information of the restaurant outlets using easy-to-read dashboards.


Get Consolidated Reports

It’s almost possible to keep track on the reports of multiple outlets. Deliko lets you track outlet-wise daily sales, data comparison, revenue earned from weekly, monthly or yearly sales and many other insights.


Track Stock Transfer Between Outlets

To avoid the problems of out-of-stock in multiple outlets, you need to depend on the staff to know the status of stock transfer. Now you can manage the requirement of every restaurant outlet and transfer stock within the outlets.


Prevent Restaurant Outlet’s Data Misuse

Protect your inventories and assets with a technology that lets you track and control important data. You can protect yours’ and your customers’ data at all your locations with Deliko’s POS.

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