Make Customer Experiences Memorable — One Screen At A Time.

With COVID-19 looming large, the restaurants are facing the worst crisis. Smart contactless solutions like Digital Signage could be the key to helping restaurants tackle this issue.

Deliko’s Digital Signage for restaurant and Token Display System eases out restaurant operations by:

  • Replacing physical menus with digital ones
  • Highlighting the restaurants’ food quality standards
  • Displaying customers’ order status
  • Engaging them while they wait.

and so much more with our intuitive solutions and ensure an exceptional guest experience at your restaurant.

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Digital Menu Boards

Paper menus can be one of the most germ-infested areas. Deliko’s Digital menu board solution tempts customers with appetizing food images and videos and updates them within seconds.


Live Token Display Status

Let customers know the status of their order in real-time by displaying the status of their token. Deliko also offers convenient solutions so customers can track their orders on their phones.


Market Your Promotions and Offers

Why just showcase the items on the menu? Use Deliko’s digital signage to promote special offers and discounts and engage with customers through interactive digital coupons.


Make The Wait-Time Entertaining

While customers wait for their order, entertain them with interesting content like digital artwork, entertainment videos, and podcasts. Use Deliko’s App store to drive fresh content into your restaurant’s digital signage.

Are You Ready To Engage Your Customers? Kickstart Your Business With Stunning Digital Signages From Deliko!