Deliko – Run your restaurant like a Symphony

Deliko's enhanced POS streamlines your operations with features like:

  • Inventory management
  • Reduced response time
  • Offline capabilities
  • Open communication channels
and so much more!

Your guests deserve to have the best possible time at your restaurant.

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Benefits of Enhanced Operational Efficiencies


Faster Than Ever

When it comes to the service industry, speed is king. Deliko's POS system brings supreme operational efficiency to your restaurant with faster reservations, food orders, and payment solutions.


Tick Off the Inventory Box

Keep inventory at your fingertips and avoid last-minute shortages with easy refilling. With Deliko, get insights about your best-selling items and update the next inventory haul accordingly to maximize sales.


Communicate with Ease

From table reservations to accurate orders, to customer feedback, Deliko streamlines all communication between employees to eliminate any misunderstandings, giving your patrons the experience they deserve.


Offline is All Fine

No one is immune from a bad internet connection. Make sure operations stay fully functional with Deliko's cloud-based servers and maintain maximum efficiency by synchronizing all data until the connection is active again.


Frequently Asked Questions

By implementing smarter solutions that improve multiple aspects of the food court. An intuitive POS system like Deliko allows you to improve top-to-bottom operations from taking guests’ orders to the final feedback mechanism, streamlining the entire process to make it faster and smoother.

Improving operational efficiency means improving overall services. If aspects like placing orders, lesser wait times, better inventory management are all given a boost, it not only lowers operational costs but also helps create a holistic guest experience, further boosting the bottom line.


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