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Stay ahead of the competition with our real-time analytics and performance metrics!
With Deliko’s data visualization and analytics software, you can

  • Measure your business insights
  • Get answers to some of the most burning questions like which items on your menu are most popular or your quietest periods weekly?
  • Get the information to develop food-prepping schedules that will ensure you reduce your waste and maximize your profits spectacularly.

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POS Features For Data Visualization and Analytics


Repeat Visit Trends

No more trying to guess if your repeat visits are increasing! With Deliko’s guest retention curve, you can see how well you bring guests back to your restaurant and your most frequent customers.


Understand Restaurant’s Performance in Real-time

Now you can easily track how your restaurant’s business is doing! Deliko enables you to view guests, reservations and more on readily available customizable reports so you can easily share results and trends.


Analyze Guest Feedback

Customer feedback surveys are important to understand your guests’ expectations from your restaurant. With Deliko’s POS you can view the aggregate guest feedback scores to discover trends in customer satisfaction.


Track Performance Across All your Outlets

If you run more than one restaurant, all reports can be accessed on a group level without a hassle. See relative performance between your venues and get a view of your entire operation.

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