Your Restaurant Needs a Centralized Reporting System. Here’s why!

One of the keys to successfully managing a restaurant is gaining access to timely information. This data allows you to schedule shifts properly and identify potential challenges for your business. Deliko’s centralized reporting system lets you

  • Integrate data across multiple locations and provide real-time insights.
  • Manage your menu from one location
  • Sync items and prices from POS and view sales reports and analytics across all your locations

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Features For Exemplary Real-time Restaurant Reporting and Analytics System


Cut Costs

Advanced reporting on total sales across multiple outlets gives you better business insights and accordingly offers you opportunities to control and cut costs.


Real-Time Data

Deliko ensures you're on top of your business with real-time reports of each of your outlets so that you can monitor order taking, sales reports, and marketing offers with on-the-go analytics.


The Numbers Don't Lie

Get complete transaction audits and reports to know which days are a hit and which night you can cut back staff. What's your best-selling dish? Plan with data backing up your choices.


Remote Access for effortless Restaurant operations

As long as you have internet access and a web browser, Deliko's cloud-based POS reports can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. This means you'll have access to your restaurants without being on the premises.


Get The Full Picture

Get comparative reports across specific outlets and let Deliko’s reporting and analytics solution work for your particular needs. Consolidate information from all your outlets for better visibility into their performance and make better business decisions.


Make Smarter Decisions:

Identify important trends and consumption patterns with real-time data and make intelligent data-based decisions. Having visibility to your restaurant's productibility, whether it is changing the menu or recipe of a specific dish, is better with analytics.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if you run multiple outlets, the reports give you data of all the outlets in one place. This information helps you compare the sales happening across all the outlets. Deliko's Centralized Reporting system enables you to understand what works for different outlets and lets you bolster sales accordingly.

For multiple outlets, monitoring operations and tracking sales can be complicated. Consolidating reports from different sources can sometimes hinder decision-making. Deliko's restaurant management system gives you a comprehensive view of all the brands and outlets in one place.


Our centralized Reporting System allows you to access reports from one place. Anytime, anywhere.

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