Restaurant Analytics Reports—Get All The Insights Needed To Make Profitable Decisions.

Deliko’s POS reporting software gets you real-time reports on your restaurant’s performance. Right from sales to payments, payroll to taxes, Deliko’s reporting system provides

  • Detailed as well as summarized data that is crucial when it comes to restaurant management.
  • Real-time insight on one or multiple locations performance anywhere.

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Features of Deliko’s Reporting and Analytics software


Real-time Reports

Get an accurate picture with real-time reports. No more waiting for days or weeks to get results. Deliko can make that happen—with all insights in one report and no downloading or extra analyses.


Customizable Dashboards

Get immediate access to all information with Deliko’s pos reporting software . Stock items running low? Increase in labor costs? No more digging into different systems to look for important information.


Automated Task Lists

Automatically create task lists, assign them and get alerts when they’re completed. Deliko increases productivity and efficiency with a reporting software that doesn’t require manual entry and assignment of task lists.


Customer Insights

Get to know customers better. Identify new and returning customers, most frequent visitors and understand how much they spend on an average. Most importantly, stay on top of reviews and respond with necessary changes.

Keep a track of your data and most crucial sales information from anywhere!