Conversational Ordering – Don’t Just Hear, Listen

Placing orders should never be a cause for concern. Especially not for your customers with antiquated POS systems that have rigid, sequential order-taking processes.

Eliminate the hassle with Deliko’s Conversational Ordering system:

  • Take orders swiftly, as the customer speaks, and save valuable time. No more voiding orders because the customer changed his mind about wanting regular milk instead of skimmed.
  • This handy feature also means employees need less time to adapt to the POS system, greatly enhancing your customer service.

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Benefits of Conversational Ordering System


Quick and Precise Orders

With Deliko’s conversational ordering system, enter items and customizations into the POS as the customer speaks, speeding up the process while maintaining maximum precision.


Increase Average Sales

Conversational ordering simplifies taking orders and making customizations without starting over or voiding the order, saving valuable time, which means more customers served in a day.


Shorten Employee Training Time

Deliko’s intuitive POS reduces the time needed for new employees to get acquainted with the system, and gives an immediate boost to morale as well as customer relations.


Frequently Asked Questions

Conversational ordering is a POS feature that allows the entering of orders in no particular structure and further customizations without needing to start over or voiding the order.

Conversational ordering simplifies taking orders greatly. This means faster service and more orders in less time, leading to higher profits. Aside from that, it also helps you save time and money on extensive employee training and positively impacts customer relations.

Customers often aren’t sure what they want, until the time they are at the POS counter and keep changing their minds. Especially children. Conversational ordering in a POS allows you to modify, add or remove orders as many times as required without wasting time voiding discarded orders. This makes sure customers don’t need to wait any longer than they have to, and get on with their day as planned.


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