Save Time and Money With Centralized HR Operations

By centralizing HR operations with Deliko’s restaurant payroll software that syncs with your POS:

  • Reduce labour management time
  • Keep track of work hours
  • Manage labour costs
With the right HR tools for your restaurant, no longer worry about anything other than serving delicious food.

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Features That Make Restaurant HR Tasks Easily Manageable


Applicant Tracking System

Speed up employee onboarding by hiring the right talent quickly! Deliko’s Applicant Tracking System allows you to secure the best candidates with automatic alerts and qualify them with customizable interview templates.


Automated Salary Payments

Keep employee morale high by paying salaries on time! Deliko’s built-in automated workflows ensure reduced payroll errors. Our restaurant payroll software ensures that you process payments to your employees in less time!


In-Depth Labour Reporting and Insights

Now you can assign employees to tasks based on their availability and performance with proper scheduling. You can also analyze your employees' performance and find ways to reduce your restaurant's labour costs.


Streamline Your HR Process

By centralizing your HR process, Deliko’s restaurant payroll and HR software enables you to make better organizational decisions on your workforce and focus on running your business.

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