Clock-in & Clock-out: The Performance Booster You Didn’t Know You Needed

Find it challenging to maintain perfect attendance records? Often have disputes with your employees about the precise hours worked? Enter, our simple but super-efficient Clock-in Clock-out system.

Aside from immaculate attendance records, our Clock-in Clock-out system provides extensive data about:

  • Productivity
  • Active shift timings
  • Performance analysis
and so much more!

With this data, you can develop future employment schemes and hatch plans to maximize your output, all at the same time.

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Features of Deliko’s Clock-in Clock-out


Precise Attendance Records

Your restaurant manager need not run around to track employee whereabouts with a pen and paper. Our online clock-in clock-out system automates attendance with biometric data or a unique ID number and provides real-time productivity analysis to help you figure out your next Employee of the Month!


Actionable Insights on Performance

It can be tedious deriving actionable data from performance spreadsheets and graphs. Deliko’s clock-in clock-out system also provides specific shift data and sales records to analyze employee performance, restaurant peak hours, and productivity indicators, all in one place.


Easy Shift Allotments

Being understaffed is a restaurant owner or manager’s worst nightmare, especially during peak hours. Avoid it with simple shift adjustments on the go with our clock-in clock-out system and make sure you and your customers get the best out of those happy hours!


Improved Payroll Accuracy

Your employees are the backbone of your restaurant and deserve to be compensated accordingly. Manual timesheets carry the potential of error, misplacement, and even tampering. Evade all that with Deliko’s clocking system, process payroll easily, and keep your employees happy!


Frequently Asked Questions

Clock-in Clock-out is a timekeeping system designed to track the number of hours worked by employees. The employees are required to "clock in" at the start of their shifts and "clock out" at the end, using a unique ID number or biometrics.

Aside from no longer needing someone to physically count heads at your restaurant, the clock-in clock-out system makes it significantly easier to manage shifts and never find yourself understaffed.
Bonus! With comprehensive data about performance, productivity and customers, you can come up with ways to improve your services even further!


Boost staff performance with Deliko’s Clock-in Clock-out system!

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