Key Features of Restaurant Head Office Management Software


Real Time Task Management

It's time you did away with additional excel sheets and checklists. Stay up to date on all your assets and to-do lists with our restaurant head office software that includes features like time tracking, task scheduling, task planning, and more.


Centralized Reporting

Get detailed reports of each outlet and compare their performance by analyzing outlet level reports with our restaurant head office software. Also, analyze item-wise reports to know the performance of every dish served and optimize your marketing campaigns.


Centralized Purchase

Control and manage the purchase of raw materials from one place. With our software you can also manage customer data, recipes, offers, and sales and Stay updated on pricing, promotions and manage security control, vendors, and finance.


Production Planning

Track and control the production at your outlets in real-time and minimize wastage and shortage of raw materials by overall cost control of production.


Centralized Store Management

Receive inventory/stock from vendors and organize onward delivery to outlets. Control and track stock distributed to outlets and have better control over inventory management.


Centralized Marketing and Promotions

Introduce offers and promotions at the central level and expand them at all or select outlets and run outlet-specific offers based on the outlet's performance with our head office restaurant software.


Centralized Management and Controls

You can't be in two places at once. With Deliko's restaurant head office software, you gain secure access to sales, labor, and inventory data from each outlet for consolidated reporting and integration with other systems. You can then automatically run and distribute reports and minimize administrative costs.


Integration to Enterprise Resource Planning System(ERPs)

Our head office software ensures accurate data by connecting our POS system to your ERP rapidly, without the hassle of a time-consuming integration project. The POS and ERP system can share data back and forth about items, customer transactions and cash management.


Data Visualization and Analytics

View and manage real-time sales, marketing, inventory, employee, and payroll data, all in one place. Measure your sales growth and reach a brand new level of success with our restaurant head office management software. This means increased efficiency and the best customer service possible.


Automated Business Performance Reporting

Save large amounts of time and money on manually tracking, updating, and adding data to your reports with our restaurant head office software. Get the right insights and maximize your sales efforts and campaigns with ease!


Why Choose Deliko?

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Deliko is a single comprehensive customizable platform with the ability to integrate with the best of breed third-party systems.


24x7 Service

We offer 24x7 after-sales support through our global support center. 94% of our customers would recommend us to others!



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