Customizable Mobile and Web Apps – Connect With Your Guests

Improvised customer relations, easy access to restaurant information, inspired marketing schemes, and quick delivery options are all part-and-parcel of running a successful restaurant. That’s where Deliko comes in. With its customizable app-builder for the web and mobile, your customers can:

  • Connect with your restaurant and get immediate delivery updates
  • Give specific feedback
  • Avail exciting offers
  • and a whole lot more.

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Features of a Customizable Application


Customizable layout

Deliko’s app builder allows you to stay true to your themes and design a customizable layout to make your mobile ordering app enticing, accessible, and easy to use.


Customer profiles

Let your users save and edit delivery addresses, payment information, and order details, with Deliko’s restaurant ordering mobile app, and bring your guests a personalized experience.


Notifications and marketing

Deliko’s mobile ordering app uses customer data and allows you to send personalized promotions, offers, get feedback, and continually improve customer relations.


Frequently Asked Questions

Nowadays people spend a large amount of time on their smartphones. It provides an avenue for brands to target customers’ attention spans with targeted ads, promotions, and more personalized content. Having a mobile app for your restaurant POS can help you do just that, and improve customer relations in the long run.

Technology is constantly evolving, and that means your POS system will also have to keep up with the latest trends to compete in the business. These upgrades will also have to be reflected in the POS app, making it imperative that the web and mobile app is customizable.


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