Engage With Customers Wherever They Are

The world has evolved when it comes to communication. Consumers are turning to digital interactions and text messaging for the real-time visibility of their business. So it’s important to have a POS system with SMS and Email capabilities so you can alert your customers about any information regarding their orders.
Now you not only save time but also gain better control over your delivery process. Deliko’s templates can be designed to communicate everyday services like:

  • Order updates
  • Alerts
  • Delivery services
  • Payment updates
and a lot more.

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Features That Transform Your Customer Experiences.


First-Time Purchasers to Loyal Customers

Send promotional texts and emails to customers on offers and new arrivals. Deliko lets you automatically send birthday and anniversary wishes to your customers and create loyalty programs to offer incentives during each visit.


Single Alert For Multiple Outlets

If you’re operating multiple outlets spread across different cities, you don’t need to check on each of them. Deliko controls the information flow in and out of the branches so you can get periodic updates with a single alert.


Low-Stock Notifications

Now you can avoid running out of essential ingredients with the help of stock alerts. Deliko provides a summary of which products have fallen below the low stock level through text and email reports.


Stay Informed

Get automatic email and SMS notifications on all your sales and collections on a daily basis and get your business metrics like an average per bill so you know how efficiently your restaurant is operating.

Communicate on multiple channels with a single integration. Stay connected with Deliko!