Deliko’s Inventory Analysis – Take Stock of your Stocks

Deliko’s inventory management for the food and beverage industry

  • Automates the tracking of ingredients consumed and alerts you before you run out.
  • It is equipped with a comprehensive analysis of sales quantities and optimizes ingredient levels to buy so you can maximize your profits.

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Features of Live Inventory Management


Customers’ Favourites

Learn about popular items with Deliko’s F&B data analytics and get reorder suggestions so your customers can enjoy their favourite dishes.


Monitor Shelf Life

Input the items’ lifespan once, and get notified when they reach their expiry dates. Don’t let your guest’s day be spoiled with an expired vegetable.


Every Order Counts

Deliko’s smart POS connects sales to inventory and uses recipe ingredient data to update stock levels as soon as the order is confirmed.


Set Reorder Levels

Bricks to a skyscraper, raw ingredients to your delicacy. Make sure you always have enough bricks on hand. Deliko’s inventory management helps you set reorder levels for each ingredient and alerts you when it reaches that level.


Reorder With a Click

Avoid trips to the farmer’s market by using Deliko’s POS to connect with local vendors and suppliers online. Electronic payments, automated receipts, high reliability, and more; all at your fingertips.


Frequently Asked Questions

Live inventory can be a blessing for a restaurant manager. Put aside for once its main features like easy tracking of ingredients, expiry dates, and some of the best data analytics in the food industry that significantly cut operational costs. It also reduces the workload of the manager, allowing him to focus his energy elsewhere, further enhancing overall performance.

Yes, for the most part. The gap arises from any potential human error. Restaurants deal in bulk orders, so even if there are mild discrepancies while preparing a meal, it still manages to give accurate enough information for a manager to make further decisions.


Keep your restaurant well-stocked and customers happy with Deliko.

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