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Your food is delicious and the service isn’t too shabby either. But something seems missing. The customer feedback hasn’t been the best lately. What do you do?

Not to worry. Deliko’s customer experience software for restaurants is here to transform the way your guests experience your services. You can:

  • Cut down waitlists
  • Provide easy payment solutions
  • Customized offers
  • Get easy feedback

and so much more with our intuitive solutions and ensure an exceptional guest experience at your restaurant.

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Features of Deliko’s Customer Experience Software


Stop Waiting Tables

No one likes waiting, least of all hungry people. With Deliko’s table management features, monitor the status of every table and allocate your services accordingly to reduce your guests’ waiting time.


Make Payments Easier

Cashless transactions are here to stay. Get ahead of the curve with Deliko’s nifty payment options like contactless payment with cashless prepaid cards and features like split checks and options for gratuity.


Top Customer Relationship Management

Your customers want to be cared for. With Deliko’s integrated CRM, make sure they feel right at home by remembering their favourite items, customizations, and personalized offers.


Keep Your Ears Open

Make your customer feel heard by taking a per-item, per-course, and overall service quality feedback with a tablet or mobile device. Improve every day by taking immediate action to rectify the shortcomings.


Frequently Asked Questions

As with any service industry, restaurants and food courts are completely dependent on the number of customers they can serve. And it stands to reason that a guest’s experience at your food court dictates if they are likely to return or even suggest others to visit. A happy customer would make sure your business keeps benefitting.

Simply put, an improved guest experience directly leads to more business for your food court or restaurant. Also, features that enhance the guest experience like table management, easy payment solutions, CRM, etc. all contribute to lowering operations costs, ultimately boosting your bottom line.


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