Discounts and Promotions – Give More to Get More

Give your restaurant an edge in the competitive and challenging culinary business by retaining your customers and gaining new ones with a range of customizable discounts and promotions.

With Deliko’s built-in customer feedback software for food & beverage businesses:

  • Reward your guests' loyalty
  • Celebrate their birthdays with customized discounts and promotions
  • Automatically enter eligible promotions to save your customers from expired coupons and you from administrative hassles.

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POS Features For Discounts and Promotions


Auto-apply Promotions

With Deliko’s centralized database, make sure any eligible offers or promotions are applied automatically, so your customers can find a happy surprise when they get a look at the bill.


Promote The Promotions

Give your customers a little taste of your world-class customer service with Deliko’s comprehensive customer feedback tools like push notifications and targeted emails, and spread the word!


Customize With Ease

Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, or just the weekend, ensure your guests have the time of their lives. Deliko’s centralized POS has options to customize exclusive offers on select products with just a few clicks.


Protect against frauds

Steer clear of frauds and hackers attempting to circumvent the system with our smarter, more secure POS system that ensures eligibility of all promotions and discounts to protect your bottom line.


Frequently Asked Questions

A good promotion goes a long way towards customer satisfaction. Rewards for multiple visits, special occasion discounts, festival offers, etc. are all helpful in making your customers feel valued, which in turn can boost sales as well as attract new customers.

An advanced POS system with a centralized database allows you to provide your guests with customized incentives like birthday offers, loyalty credits, special offers on select products, free giveaways, and more, thereby improving customer relations.


Improve your customer relations by streamlining discounts and promotions. Find out how!

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