Live Table Management – Control the Floor

Long waitlists, reservations not available, slow service. All point to a subpar restaurant efficiency, leading to poor performance. A nightmare scenario for a restaurant owner. If only there was a single solution for all three problems.

Well, we heard you. Deliko POS is equipped with advanced table management functionalities that tackle:

  • Long waitlists
  • Improve reservations
  • Boosts service

Control the floor with a customizable floor plan and serve your customers with grace, while monitoring real-time meal progress, all designed to make success easier.

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Features of Table Management Software


Assign Staff Swiftly

Don’t let your guests wait to place their orders. Assign servers instantly and tend to their every need with Deliko’s table management functionality and showcase your elite customer service.


Swap Tables With Ease

Your guest’s favourite table just opened up and they want to move over? No worries. Easily transfer orders between tables and swap reservations with just a few taps on your POS screen.


Monitor Table Progress

Monitor each table’s progress with an interactive dashboard without hovering to find out if they’re ready for desserts yet and increase table turnovers with faster waitlist management.


Control the Floor

Cover every inch of the floor with Deliko’s table management. Make smarter floor plans, arrange more tables, create VIP sections, combine tables for large parties, and avoid any logistical errors.


Frequently Asked Questions

Table management is a POS feature that allows you to create restaurant floor plans, assign waiters, servers, and busboys to particular tables, monitor meal progress to improve service, and so much more!

With a table management software, you can monitor every table’s status at once, reserving, cancelling, and shifting tables within seconds. That, coupled with improved service allows faster turnovers and reduces wait times for next customers.

By cutting down waitlists quicker and making it easier to reserve tables, you improve your table turnover time and serve more customers in a day. Not only that, a streamlined process from taking orders to making payments mean lower operational costs as well!


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