Don’t Solve a Security Issue. Prevent It.

The importance of data security for restaurants cannot be understated. Typically a hotspot for valuables, from large amounts of capital to critical customer information, restaurant POS tends to attract attention from cyber attackers.

The POS system is a prime target. To make sure you protect your restaurant from cyber attacks, Deliko has state-of-the-art upgrades like:

  • Privileged access
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Cloud-based security

to name a few. Keep tabs on the restaurant network security service status and get detailed reports on potential unwanted advances with Deliko, the definition of POS security.


Features of Deliko’s Data Security System


User Roles and Privileged Access

Not every member of your restaurant staff has the same responsibilities. Set distinct roles and manage classifications with Deliko. Classify sensitive information on a need-to-know basis and avoid the misuse of valuable data.


End-To-End Encryption

With growing online transactions, safeguarding against cyberattacks and thefts is vital. Deliko’s end-to-end encrypted system makes sure the money goes where it’s supposed to, and customer banking information is safe.


Keep Tabs On Everything

With Deliko’s multiple interactive dashboards, oversee the status of every operation in your restaurant, from individual order validity to inventory, accounts, security systems, and anything else you can think of.


Get Comprehensive Reports

If there is a problem at your establishment, you want to know about it from extensive reports. Deliko’s POS provides just that with thorough reports and assessments on potential mishaps or threats to your system.


Frequently Asked Questions

Restaurant data security of an online POS system cannot be neglected being vulnerable to security breaches from cyber attacks. A safe and secure POS system ensures attackers cannot get their hands on valuable customer financial data or hijack online transactions.

When looking for a POS system for your restaurant or food court, make sure it is equipped with the following characteristics: distinct user roles, privileged access, end-to-end encryption on online transactions, thorough security reports, and a live status-checker for various active systems.


Don’t wait for a data security breach. Take preventive action!

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