Communicate better with your guests

A Restaurant CRM solution extends far beyond the idea of a guestbook. CRM softwares help restaurants:

  • Customize guest experiences
  • Encourage repeated customer visits
This is achieved by combining guest data alongside effective marketing campaigns.

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Features That Take Guest Experience To The Next Level



Update customers about your restaurants’ special offers and send them offers based on their ordering history. Greet them on special occasions and enable them to visit repeatedly.


Loyalty program integration

Formulate visit-based custom Loyalty Programs to encourage repeat visits of customers. Deliko’s CRM solution enables personalized Loyalty Programs based on customer behavior and spending habits.


Integrated CRM

Operating multiple outlets? Now, seamlessly connect all data and platforms while also sharing guest lists between them.


Post-Dining Surveys

Deliko’s restaurant CRM solution is equipped with post-dining surveys that assist with guests’ likes and dislikes so every shift is better than the last.


Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a powerful tool to help food and beverage businesses manage client interactions, marketing, customer support, sales and partner relationships. Deliko’s CRM provides useful features and lets you seamlessly manage all interactions with your clients, employees and potential new customers.

A CRM helps restaurants collect data from their guests through different sources and the invaluable data can be used to drive sales and increase profits. Deliko’s CRM system helps you create personalized guest experiences

A CRM can gather customer information, produce personalized reports, and1 provide you with advanced analysis all in one place. Deliko's CRM system offers valuable insights that you can access anytime. It lets you gain complete control over business processes, enables you to build relationships with your customers, and offers them a personal experience that will bring them back.


There is no better way to truly reach your customers and run effective marketing campaigns.

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